Friday, April 1, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 53

Hunting (?) Merit Badge brings us a great 01 APR humor, and I couldn't resist using the merit badge designed for the purpose.

I've gone from not being amused by April Fools Day, but enjoying watching the creative spoofs going on everywhere online.  Still not a fan of the ploys to publicly embarrass others though.

Today's biggest winner though is the weather.  It looks gorgeous out, but cold and windy when you get out there!

Today I:
  • Am taking Scouts (girl and boy) to a Bird Study merit badge class put on by local naturalists.  
  • Added more dads and Scouts to the backpacking trip for April.  Really 7 dads for 12 boys?  Great bunch of guys to hang out with though...and the Scouts will have fun, too.
  • Posted a suggestion to the folks in my Wood Badge class to find a way to remember the "Scout widows" in their lives while they are out in the woods.  I know my wife will like it.
Not pushing too hard today, as I've got 9 straight days of Scouting coming up.  Good day to rest.  What Spring plans do you have for Scouting?  Anything new and exciting?

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