Friday, April 15, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 67

Journalism Merit Badge

Watching the weather closely.  Looks like a lot of storms in the South today, headed this way.

We are going backpacking tonight and tomorrow, staying until Sunday.

Eleven Scouts and 6 adults headed out for a little adventure--and rain.

Today I:
  • Packed up and got read to go on the trip.
  • Processed my son's Order of the Arrow Conclave paperwork.  Finally on the official if I can get them to take his money...?  There's always a hitch somewhere.
  • Drove to the Scout office, at the last minute, to get my "early bird" payments in for summer camp.  Saved $25 per person.  The rest will pay the full fare.  Almost 60 miles roundtrip, and I'm out of time today!
  • Will backpack 3 miles tonight, probably finishing in the dark.

How do all of these deadlines creep up on me?  Easy:  I didn't plan well enough.  Do you keep learning this lesson the hard way too?

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