Saturday, April 2, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 54

Forestry Merit Badge

Up early today, and headed off to find a Scouting Heritage merit badge class being sponsored by our council.

I'm excited about this merit badge--I think it is great to give Scouts the opportunity to learn about why we do what we do.  And no better way to do that than study the history of Scouting.

Who knew that one of the biggest names in Scouting wasn't much of an outdoorsman?

Now, I do.

Today I:
  • Spent all morning helping a couple of Scouts in my unit attend the council's Scouting Heritage merit badge session.
  • Spoke with another leader about details of the Valley Rally.
  • Provided a package of blue cards in a pinch to the aforementioned class when they couldn't locate them for the 65 Scouts who registered!  Whew!
  • Texted with a Cub Scout dad from the merit badge class about which forms to process for the council's "Fun with Son" campout next month.  [YOU can come with your Cub, too!]
Do you have a connection to the history of Scouting?  Why does it stick in your brain?  Do we have an obligation to the past?

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