Saturday, April 23, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 75

Model Design and Building Merit Badge

Still waiting on that grandbaby, and today pretty much has to be it.  She's just over 2 weeks overdue now, so everyone is watching closely.

Today is the 75th day of the 100 Days of Scouting.  Seems to be going by much quicker this year...but then, so is everything this year!  Something about the program this year is having a transformational effect on me.  I feel like taking this approach in other areas of my life to see what happens.

Today is also St. George's Feast Day, the Patrol Saint of Scouting.  April 23 (4-2-3) are our unit's numbers, and that is why.

Today I:
  • Took my Wolf to Lowe's to build a birdhouse and get a free tree for Earth Day.  Lowes is trying to give away 1,000,000 of them today.
  • Planted those trees.
  • Played with TweetCloud.  Shocker that Scout, Scouts and Scouting were so popular...;-)
  • Picked up a copy of the 1980 version of the Patrol Leader Handbook on  Taking my own advice.
Staying close to home and trying not to worry about my daughter and the baby.  Scouting will keep my mind off of it!  I hope.

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