Thursday, April 14, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 66

Inventing Merit Badge

Cranking through some Scouting today!

Heading out tomorrow on a backpacking trip--lots of rain scheduled, of course!  We have about a dozen Scouts going, and seven dads.  The dads are a great group of guys, and this is as much of a chance for them to relax as it is for the Scouts to get out.

But enough about about that sunshine!

Today I:
  • Tracked down information on the Order of the Arrow Conclave happening at the end of this month.  Deadline is tomorrow--of course!
  • Tracked down the person I need to speak to tomorrow to get a work permit for my 14 year-old Life Scout to work at summer camp this year.
  • Processed more summer camp money dropped by the house today!
  • Emailed the final details for the backpacking trip tomorrow.  Lots of rain, so confirming safety factors--like can we expect to cross the bridge back to the cars on Sunday...
  • Sent out written congratulations to the new Star and Tenderfoot Scouts.
  • Followed-up with the Cub Scout families about the altar server letter that went out to the families.  Most of our Scouts already serve.
  • Scheduled all three medicals needed for attending summer camp this year.  Not at the last minute, so a definite personal victory!
  • Attending the District OA meeting tonight, and then Roundtable.
  • Hung up my damp tent and sleeping bag to dry out--finally some sunshine!
Not often I get to tick so many items off of my Scouting to-do list.  How about you? Any special success to bask in today?  Ready for tomorrow to be the two-thirds mark through 100 Days of Scouting?

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