Friday, April 29, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 81

Orienteering Merit Badge

Today begins the 111th Virginia State Convention for the Knights of Columbus.  I'm pulling duty here for our council.  I tell the Scouts that the Knights are like the Boy Scouts, but for the old guys and no camping.

They are also the charter organization for our pack and troop.

Scouting got a good plug tonight from the State Deputy during the opening reports.  He thinks the councils and all of the Knights who volunteer to help form these young men are performing a valuable service.

Nice when other people get it, too!

Today I:
  • Read some great materials on the patrol method.
  • Made a deposit for the Scout accounts.
  • Got my Life off to the Order of the Arrow Conclave at Camp Brady Saunders in Heart of Virginia Council.

Supporting your Charter Organization can be a good thing.  A lot of them are fairly behind-the-scenes and uninvolved--which only hurts the unit and keeps them from finding out how much fun Scouting is!  Keep your Scouts in front of their eyes.

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