Friday, April 22, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 74

Metalwork Merit Badge

OK, still waiting on the grandbaby.  Thanks to my well-wishers!

This is definitely not the Holy Week we had planned.  The baby was due 2 weeks ago, and we thought we would be getting ready for family to come over on Easter for dinner.  Instead, we are knee-deep in grandkids while my wife is off helping my daughter get through this.  As the mother of 8, my wife is a natural at the ups-and-downs of delivery.

Otherwise not a very Scout-y day.

Today I:
  • Answered a parent's question about summer camp.
  • Relayed information for my son regarding working at summer camp this year.
  • Discussed my new grandchild being the "pack mascot" if they are born on April 23!  (Our pack and troop number is 4-2-3.)
  • Worked on my part of the Knights of Columbus Virginia State Convention--very tangential to Scouting, but they are the sponsor for our units.
  • Completed Scout physicals for camp for my Wolf, my Life and myself.
I highly recommend children and grandchildren to anyone that will listen.  Life is short and you should have family to share it with around you all the time.  And it helps our Scouting numbers!

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