Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 52

Fly-Fishing Merit Badge
[Isn't that a beautiful merit badge?]

Last night I had a number of last minute requests for blue cards for the Bird Study and Scouting Heritage merit badges our council is making available this weekend.

They get the message, just sometimes it is a little late!

Today I:
  • Helped a parent get added to the pack and troop's YahooGroups.
  • Have a Bear Patrol meeting planned for Wood Badge.  Looking forward to seeing "Da Bears"!
  • Published all the details about our April backpacking trip.
  • Ate a box of Girl Scout cookies!
  • Checked on the availability of pictures from last night's pack meeting.  We got a couple of dads involved in the relay with the Cubs.  Great fun!
  • Added yet another 100 Day-er to the list!
Is there a balance between all the opportunities we have for Scouts and what we can actually manage?  Some families seem to do it all, and others seem to be surprised we do more than meet for an hour a week.  Thoughts?

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