Monday, March 7, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 28

Communication Merit Badge

Monday is always Monday.

Too much to do, too little time to do it...and the sun is shining bright enough to make me want to skip work...or at least invent a reason to go to lunch.

Today I:
  • Caught up my Advancement Report for merit badges Scouts have earned since the last Court of Honor.
  • Responded to a Scout who had questions about pending Pioneering campout.
  • Emailed out reminder about the "Religious Emblems" drive--deadline is Ash Wednesday.
  • Contacted the Forest Service point-of-contact to advise on the completion of any required paperwork.  Also asked about doing a couple of small projects we found in the area--painting blazes, painting an interpretive display and helping out an old campfire ring and benches.
  • Unpacked the car from the Eagle project and campout.  Much better weather today for doing this!
  • Put away new forms that I picked up recently--youth application, adult application and advancement forms.
  • Continued to update my Google Calendar so that it integrates my work schedule with my personal and Scouting lives...and then ports the whole thing to my phone.  Very pleased so far!
Kind of a hodge-podge day for Scouting, but all the little bits crammed in between the bigger logs of Scouting help make the whole wall stronger.

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Bryan said...

I love Google Calendar! I've been using it for year and finally ported the Troop Calendar over to it. Now my Scout Families can add the calendar to their smartphone, calendar, etc...

A great resource!