Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 44

Environmental Science Merit Badge
Pinch me!

I still can't believe I'm finally getting to go to Wood Badge!  S7-598-11-1...

Posts keep floating by about "remembering one more thing..." so I'm starting to feel incredibly under-prepared.  I'm sticking to the list given.  Clothes, uniform, toiletries, sleeping bag, and that's about it.


Today I:
  • Fielded a call from our troop's SPL about remembering to bring something tonight.
  • Answered another Scout who wants to keep making tiny, incremental progress on Citizenship in the Nation after the meeting tonight.
  • Found out our SPL wants to be the 4th Star Scout candidate for our Board of Review in 2 weeks.
  • Created a post about our council's 60th Venture Weekend event.  Out-of-council crew's are invited, too!  I'm trying to make a point that social media can really help out our effort to bring in folks from outside the council.  We'll see if I'm right...;-)  Posted to blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  Holding my breath now.  If even one out-of-council unit shows, I get an "AHA!" moment!
  • Prepped for Wolf den meeting tonight.
  • Prepped for troop meeting tonight.
Yep, meeting day again.  So much to do, so little time.  I should consider giving up sleep on Tuesday nights...Today's question:  have you ever given up sleep for Scouting?  (Not sleeping well while camping doesn't count!)

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