Friday, March 11, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 32

Crime Prevention Merit Badge

Finally a break in the weather!  Some warm air is promised for tomorrow, and maybe a little sunshine.  The ground is soaked and we could use a little drying out.

My oldest daughter is having a baby shower tomorrow.  Grandchild #6.  We think it might be a boy, which will help me stay active with the pack for another decade at least!  Her oldest son starts with the pack in just 3 years, and he already talks about being a Cub Scout.

Today I:
  • Set up a "sunrise flag ceremony" to install a new US flag at our parish.  I've invited all the Scouts from the pack and troop to come attend for 10 minutes at 6:15...we'll see!
  • Spoke with my wife about how to help my son afford all of the Scouting opportunities over the next few months: OA Conclave, SummitCorps, summer camp, and he is working (unpaid) at our local summer camp for 4 weeks.  We like him to contribute half his expenses, but this might require some extra help.
  • May have been offered a chance to be the Cub Scout Roundtable leader...left-hand, right-hand issue right now.  I'm willing if needed. Roundtable Planning Guide
Tomorrow is a busy day:  flag ceremony to begin the day, council awards dinner to finish it.  Lots of family time and work in the middle.  Definitely browsing that planning guide...

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