Saturday, March 12, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 33

Cycling Merit Badge

Man, 5:50AM comes early on a Saturday.

I slogged downstairs and woke my Life Scout.  We needed to be at our church for install our new American flag.  The old one was removed by the Cub Scouts a couple of weeks ago, and we needed to get new hardware for the new flag.

At 6:15AM, we arrived as did one other Boy Scout and his dad to help us out.  They drove about 20 miles to join us, so I really appreciated the extra effort.

Appreciated my Life Scout, too.  As the son of a Scouter, he has spent that last 7 years attending everything--he has camped, backpacked, cooked, been eaten by bugs, swam, sunburned, frozen, stayed up too late, gotten up too early and had more FUN than any other Scout I know.  Except for the Scouts of other dedicated, long-term Scouters.

Thank you, son.

Today I:
  • Followed-up on the Cub Scout Roundtable volunteer work.  Not sure it is going anywhere, but I'm here if needed. 
  • Spoke to another Scouter working to put together a big community-wide cycling competition--they want me to help with the promotions work.  Will announce more when the website goes live.
  • Met Bob Mazzuca.  He took the time to shake the hand of every single person who attended the council awards dinner.
  • Received our council's Statuette Award for service to the council.
Seriously, this was a jam-packed day for family and Scouting.  One daughter went back to school to finish her final semester at college, another daughter had a baby-shower for her third (and we think my second grandson), my Eagle Scout finished his semester's effort for his Master's program, all sandwiched by Scouting.  Exhaustion is setting in, but there is still 67% more 100 Days to go!

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