Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 23

Citizenship in the Nation

Wednesday again, the busiest day of the week.  Our rescheduled Blue and Gold is tonight.

We do it very casually, quick awards, Friends of Scouting presentation, and then a potluck dinner.  Everyone has a good time, and I get to touch base with all the families and scout out all of the younger brothers for future Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts!

My "to do" list is mostly for tonight!

Today I:
  • Helped a new Scout leader at the Scout store figure out the religious emblems program.  I often forget how confusing things are when you don't deal with it all the time.
  • Set up for the Blue and Gold tonight--the popcorn top-sellers get to hit me with pie!  Great way to end the night with a lot of energy.
  • Filled out the Forest Service's paperwork to allow our "volunteers" to help with an Eagle project this weekend.
  • Emailed my various Scouting and church related lists to get a feel for how many potential Tigers we'll have this 01 JUN.  When we first started the pack, I didn't do this and was surprised (shocked!) when 11 Tigers and Wolves showed up!  I follow this up with church bulletin announcements each Sunday in April.  At the May graduation, I invite them to watch, then call them up to form the new Tiger den for June.
Gotta run!  I have an hour to set up and get everything ready for our great Scouting families!

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