Thursday, March 3, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 24

Citizenship in the World

Ever have the sense that Scouting and your life have become indistinguishable?

Last night after the Blue and Gold, and getting buried under a ton of non-dairy whipped topping pies for the top popcorn sales in our pack and troop, and the troop meeting...and cleaning up the finer details of the room, showering and sleeping, back up early and getting calls from Scouts looking for more challenges.

Buzzing through my work day so I can attend a District Committee Meeting tonight about 45 minutes away.  Then home, bed, work, camping trip and Eagle project.  Wednesday should officially end about 6PM on Saturday!

Today I:
  • Researched the Boy Scout version of the World Conservation Award--and located a form to help make it feel more official.
  • Requested, and forwarded details on the William T. Hornaday Awards to a Scout that still has his sights set on earning it.  Located and wrote the point-of-contact on the council's conservation committee to pursue the details.  Shared the link to the application forms with my Scouting friends online.
  • Pulled down the March pack and den versions of Baloo's Bugle.
  • Answered questions of parents with Boy Scouts who have not helped out on an Eagle project before.
  • Washed the drying non-dairy whipped topping from my uniform shirt and pants.  Wow, 4 large tubs is a lot of pie!
  • Reported the pack's Friends of Scouting results to our District Executive.
I'm getting ready to run out the door and give the District Committee meeting a try.  They are looking for new folks, and I'm going to see if I can be useful...without forsaking my other Scouting duties.  Do you volunteer for your district or council?  What do you do for them?

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