Monday, March 28, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 49

First Aid Merit Badge

I am SOOOO tired today!

Three full days of Wood Badge (S7-598-11-1), lows in the 20s, and a fresh covering of snow for Sunday morning.

Now we have a patrol meeting planned, a group presentation to pull together, menu and camping details to work out, and our part of a huge service project to pull off.

In short, a typical week of Scouting!

Today I:
  • Posted an announcement to the council on the new Robotics Merit Badge coming out on 12 APR.  Shared on  Twitter, too.
  • Tweeted the link to the merit badge counselor form to capture any potential Robotics counselors.
  • Joined the Facebook page for set up for my new ursine friends at Wood Badge.
  • Spoke at length to a parent who is worked up about her Scout's complaints about teasing at meetings.  He should be dealing with it himself.  Not a good habit to form for a young man.  I'm always amazed that parents think it is always the other kids at fault...
  • Wrote up some details for the Bear Patrol to help keep us on track during our 12 day break.  Yeah, I volunteered for Scribe.  Need to get that out by tomorrow.
There is a LOT of Scouting happening over the next couple of weeks, ending with my second session of Wood Badge.  Going to require a lot of tight timing to get it all in.  Do you ever really push to see how much Scouting you can do?  Staying busy is good training for these times.

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