Friday, March 4, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 25

Climbing Merit Badge

Twenty-five percent of the way through the 100 Days of Scouting.  Good momentum, good energy and good reading with all the other participants this year.

Today has been busy doing one thing, aside from work of course--getting ready for the Eagle project tomorrow.

I'm headed out to camp near the location and to have a little quiet time to scope out the project without all the interruptions of other folks.

Today I:
  • Packed my Wolf and Life Scouts up for a little father-son time camping tonight.
  • Encouraged my Eagle Scout (long married with his own family) who helps me as the ASM for the troop.  He's missed Scouting and will again this weekend getting ready for his finals in his Master's program.  He is missed.
  • Offered some advice to @MNScoutmaster on a podcast he is thinking about.
  • Entered notes into my calendar to follow-up on our unit's Friends of Scouting program.  Our district needs the support.
  • Enjoyed a some 100 Days of Scouting blogs with a little (OK, a lot) of coffee.
Running full-tilt into the weekend.  Big Eagle project to help get finished before the rain starts tomorrow evening. We have a good turnout coming, and should get it done, but the rain adds to the adrenalin.  What are you doing for Scouting this weekend?

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