Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 43

Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

What a weird day!

Everything I touched was a 10 minute job...which can be exhausting when there are a lot of them.

I have Wood Badge coming up this weekend, and should be doing more to get ready.  On the list for tomorrow.  Actually making it to "the list" is the important first hurdle to clear!

Today I:
  • Reminded a new Scout dad about getting the youth protection requirements wrapped up for his 3 new Scouts.
  • Made comments on the Valley Rally website.  This project is coming along nicely! #BSAValleyRally
  • Send out follow-up letters to families that did not make our annual Friends of Scouting talk this year.  Important support for my District Executive, who works hard to make it all happen for us.
  • Cleaned out the van from this weekend's campout.  Never seem to get to that the day I get home...
  • Sent in notices to run in our church bulletin each weekend in April.  I do this every year since we meet year round and are ready to start the new Scouting year on 01 JUN.
  • Asked the church secretary, who speaks Spanish, if she could translate our Scouting notices and put on the Spanish language page of the bulletin.  There is almost no intersection between the communities, and this might be a way to bridge that gap.
Definitely having a creative rush this week for Scouting!  Spanish outreach?  Me?  Website development ideas, committee policy comments...all of this Scouting is paying off--it is very fulfilling.

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