Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 9

Wednesday again--and super busy!  All of the sunshine pouring in my window is not helping either...

It is almost as though my company can remotely sense that this is a busy night for Scouting.  But that is part of the rush of excitement that will propel me through the meetings tonight!

Today I:
  • Prepared details for Wolf Den Meeting 12 tonight.
  • Reminded Scouts to drop off tents tonight at the troop meeting so I can secure their free camping spots.  Yes, it means early Friday morning I'll be setting up a tent in each of 4 camping areas in our local national forest campground.  The spaces go quickly, and I think the superior weather we are having right now will drive other campers out of the woodwork!  Otherwise, they are expected to survive on their own.
  • Worked out payment plan to cover a couple of Scouts in a family that is struggling right now.
  • Contacted Stadri Emblems to see what they can offer us for 100 Days of Scouting participants.  We are up to 20 participants now, and I'm excited to help reward them for the hard work.
  • Replacing the US flag in front of our church tonight with the Cub Scouts.  The troop will retire the old one properly this weekend.
  • Seized the moment--a "Dad" moment that is.  For The Flood this weekend, I'll primarily just hang out in case an adult is actually needed while the Boy Scouts run their I invited my Wolf to come out and keep me company.  He gets to do this about once or twice a year, and I get to be a hero.  Hiking belt loop might be a good activity...
  • Helping a Scout out with his Camping merit badge after tonight's meeting.
  • Scout account deposit made at the bank.
Today is a great example of how our Scouting universe intersects with others: businesses, our church and charter organization, family and the larger Scouting organization.  Whether it is helping retire a flag, thanking volunteers, or earning a belt loop, we touch lives all the time.  What did you do today?

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