Thursday, February 17, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 10

Today I:
  • Placed an order with the National Catholic Committee on Scouting for their Rosary Patch Program.
  • Spoke with parents who very supportive of their Boy Scout...and maybe a little too helpful. ;-)
  • Updated the 100 Days list of participants again--22 now!  I'm very excited about the new folks joining us.  We are already at 400% of last year's participants--and I think folks are enjoying the exercise.
  • Helped a very excited Wolf go over his "equipment list" for this weekend's camping trip.
Some days are simple and straightforward--and Scouting can be the same way.  Nothing elaborate, just checklist items to clear the to-do list for the day.  How's your Scouting to-do list looking?  If you read this far, enter a comment and we'll have a drawing for something special at the end of the 100 Days.


Arlen said...

Comment. <---Left it over there.

Thanks for putting together the 100Days of Scouting. I have learned so much!


Amy S said...

It's time to "spring clean" the to-do list, I think. I have a lot of leftover tasks and a lot of leftover bits and pieces in my "cub tub". Time to figure out what's still useful and what can be passed on or tossed out.