Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 16

Bird Study Merit Badge

Wednesday's are usually hectic...den/pack and troop meetings.

Tonight we had originally planned a Board of Review for the troop, following the Cub Scout's Blue and Gold.

Patrol Leader's Council cancelled the BOR, since no one is ready.  Then the weather cancelled our Blue and Gold (we follow the public schools' cancellation calendar to avoid confusion).

So today, I ended up being like fish out of water--what am I supposed to do to fill the time?

Today I:
  • Spoke with a Scout who was home about his Personal Management merit badge, and scheduled a time to review with him in between Masses on Sunday.
  • Swapped email with another Scout about Citizenship in the Nation merit badge.  School must be closed for these guys to have time during a Wednesday to contact me!
  • Discussed religious emblem with one of our few non-Catholic families.  Their pastor will need some additional training and resources.
  • Confirmed second adult attending our campout in the March.
Now to enjoy a Wednesday evening at is always the weirdest thing!  What would you do with a night off from Scouting?

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