Monday, February 28, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 21

Cinematography Merit Badge

[Kind of interesting that Cinematography was the badge for the day after the Oscars...]

Today is going well.  Took a lot of the weekend off--little Twitter, less email--and have a slightly overwhelming mount of stuff to catch up on.

But that's OK.  There is good work to do, and I'm a lucky man to have found a "hobby" that I can give my all.

Today I:
  • Updated the pack's YahooGroup main page for the March theme: Compassion.  The Academic belt loop is Disabilities Awareness and the Sports belt loop is Kickball, in case you were wondering.
  • Updated the troop's YahooGroup main page for their March theme: Pioneering, pages 25-34. (BTW, all 3 volumes of these themes are worth downloading and keeping on hand for ideas.)
  • Filed a tour permit--last time before the new tour plan comes out tomorrow, with the longer lead times.
  • Selected the sites I'd like to visit for as part of a Camp Visitation Team.
  • Updated the list of Scouters doing the 100!

My Scouting day began with observing a cedar waxwing three feet outside my window.  Before Scouting it was a "pretty bird".  Thanks to Scouting, it is now a cedar waxwing.  Do you find Scouting adding quality to your non-Scouting life?

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