Monday, February 21, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 14

Backpacking Merit Badge

Well, today sure wasn't what I had planned.

We've gone from a couple of 70 degree days last week to snow and ice tonight.  Lots of email work today, to keep my Scouts moving along.

Today I:
  • Set a date and notified all of the parents in our pack and troop about the religious emblems programs.  Although most of them are Roman Catholic, there are a few others and it took some work to locate their programs.
  • Sent a note to the troop that the Board of Review scheduled for Wednesday is cancelled (by the Patrol Leaders Council).  Looks like no one is ready to advance yet, but two are a merit badge away from Star and Life.
  • Helped a Scouter on Twitter locate the devices for repeated earning of the Youth Religious Emblem.
  • Climbed on my soapbox at Cub-Scout-Talk about year-round Scouting, not just a couple of summer activities.
Reading email is a great source of Scouting education and ideas.  Read a great one today:  have Cub Scouts plant a garden and use it as a weekly meeting place over the summer to weed, pick and play around.  Immeasurable opportunity for learning and growing.  What seeds of Scouting did you plant today? 

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