Sunday, February 20, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 13

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Wow, really tired today!

It is always that way after a campout.  The first night I never sleep well, and since it was called on account of severe weather, I didn't get to make it up the second night.  Coming back home, you fall into your normal no extra sleep then either.

OK, I did doze in front of the TV for a few minutes....

Today I:
  • Started cleaning out the van from the camping trip.
  • Loaded all of the leftover Scout items into large trash bags to take to the Patrol Leaders Council tonight.
  • Emailed a pdf copy of the Pioneering theme from the Troop Program Features to the entire troop to help them get excited about March's official theme.
  • Attended PLC--first order of business before turning the meeting over to the SPL was do deliver the bags of leftover stuff (hatchet, ski pants from December trip, socks, etc.) that were cleaned out of the van and have the patrol leaders sort it out to bring to Wednesday's meeting.  Made quite an impression--it was a lot of stuff.

Exactly the kind of Scouting I needed today--moved us along and didn't take too much out of me.  Hopefully a little extra sleep tonight!  Do you sleep well after Scouting?

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