Thursday, March 25, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 46

Today I:

Reviewed, an unpleasant job, the storage needs for our pack's supplies.  Needs a lot of cleaning and tossing, probably this weekend.

Posted an updated summary of the last 5 Days of Scouting on Scoutsigns.

Posted the last segment of the 3-part video series (dated 1917) on the C&O Canal.  C'mon now, this has been really cool to watch...right?

Inquired about how really large districts (geographically speaking) handle their Roundtables.  I may be investing time in a project to bring a lot of it online for our council.  Would love your comments and ideas!  Driving 1.5 to 2 hours round-trip for a 1 hour meeting isn't my idea of a good use of time.

Do you have a Scouting project that you are just itching to see happen, but maybe you aren't sure if you have the time, talent or resources to make it happen?  What is that project?  Even sharing it might help Scouting.

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