Tuesday, March 23, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 44

Today I:

Contacted our Scout store to see if the Centennial rank badges have come in yet.  Crossing my fingers.

Tweeted registration information about the US Mint--necessary if you want the cheapest option to purchase a BSA Coin.

Posted a piece (1 of 3) on Scoutsigns showing video of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal in 1917--definitely Scouting related if you read them.

Prepped #2 to come out tomorrow.  Great view of the Paw Paw Tunnel, still a huge attraction for Scout's to hike through today.

Triggered #3 to come out the day after.  These films are from Thomas Edison's company.

Crushing day at work, so I had to make use of snippets of time.  How about you?  Did you spare a minute for Scouting?  I'm sure you did--tell us all about it.  Big or small, it is all Scouting.

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