Monday, March 15, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 36

Today I:

Emailed someone who was upset with my depiction of homeschoolers in Scouting magazine article (I was quoted).  Hopefully they see that I'm trying to encourage more contact between the Scouting and homeschooling worlds.

Advised a new Scoutmaster on how to manage his troop's communications.  Basically I explained how I do it, and that I consistently advise parents to conform to it so we don't have multiple, duplicate channels.  Of course, the crux of it is that the Scout should know.

Posted to Scoutsigns on our C&O adventure this weekend.

Posted a summary of Days 31 to 35 on Scoutsigns.

Some Scouting Days require lemonade to be squeezed from lemons. What did you do today to help Scouting sweeter (or at least less sour!)?  Comment or tweet, please.  I like hearing from you!

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