Wednesday, March 10, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 31

Today I:

Shopped for items for our Tiger Den Leader for den meeting tonight.

Removed a 3-seat bench and added a 4-seat bench to the big van so we can take 12 people backpacking this weekend!  Yeah, I'm excited.

Unpacked and repacked my backpack for tonight and for the weekend.

Prepared for pack inspections tonight.  Many of our newer Scouts have never been backpacking before, and I hate to see them carry too much weight for 15 miles.  Of course, I only make recommendations, and leave the final decision up to them.

Accepted an invitation from the crew to come talk about backpacking in general and packing a pack in specific sometime next month.  Volunteered my son, and ASM, to talk to them about ultralight backpacking after they get the basic information.

Posted to the Council's blog.

Posted to Scoutsigns.

Coming up:  Webelos meeting (observing SPL leading them to develop a patrol name, yell, and flag).

Coming up:  Troop meeting--Physical Fitness theme and pack inspections planned.

Wednesday's are super-busy for me with Scouts--preparation, talking to leaders and Senior Patrol Leader, communicating with parents and Scouts, and then finally the meetings!  What day is busiest for you?  Which day to you contribute the most to Scouting?

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