Friday, March 5, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 26

Today I:

Added a 100 Days of Scouting blogger that I missed yesterday.

Coached a 13 year-old Scout to rethink his merit badge choices for summer camp.  He wants to take all Eagle badges (like Citizenship family and Communications) while his cohorts are swamping canoes and shooting at things.  Once he rethinks it, I'll respect whatever he decides.

Posted summary of Days 21 to 25 on Scoutsigns.  Feel free to explore that blog, too!

Pulled together a Weekend Patrol Box (#30) to share things that hit my desk during a typical Scouting week.

Discussed the biking option for requirement 9 of the Camping merit badge with my son, and helped him map out on Google maps for details.

Received a tentative green-light for a project I suggested to the council a couple of years ago.  There might be some interest now, and I'll need a lot of help from the Scouting community to make it happen.  More details soon.

Big ideas and small actions added up to a great day for Scouting.  How about you?  What did you do today? Did you do your "good turn daily"?  Share!

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