Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 99

Rowing Merit Badge
One day to go.

Hard to believe.  Last year, 100 days seemed to last near an eternity.  Then, waiting 265 more days to begin made me question if I could even do it again.


Now my 2nd 100 Days of Scouting is rapidly coming to a close--although delayed by one day as apparently I neglected to post on one day! ;-)

Today I:
  • Confirmed pack and troop registrations with the council.  Good thing, too.  Money has all been paid, but the Cub Scouts weren't listed for a campsite.
  • Posted a detailed plan to the Virtual Roundtable Committee of what I think our Virtual Roundtable should look like.  I should blog about that separately.  Pretty cool stuff, if I say so myself.  Nothing fancy, just utilizing off-the-shelf technology to encourage and expand exposure to Roundtable.
  • Helped a Scout dad find a Scouting-friendly doctor doing summer camp physicals for $50.
  • Rented the shelter at the park for next week's big Pack Crossover event!
  • Cancelled tonight's meetings.  Schools closed today with the flooding from last nights storms (and tornado watch again).  Shame, there was a lot to do, too.
OK, tomorrow is the big day (for me)!  Some of you hit the milestone today.  Can't wait to see how you leverage all you have learned into next year's event!  Yep, next year's...3rd Annual 100 Days of Scouting!

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