Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 92

Public Speaking Merit Badge

I confess, I took advantage of a quiet day today.

My folks are in town, visiting to see my new grandchild.  Beautiful weather has the garden calling.  Scouting is everywhere, and more to take advantage of there, too!

The countdown has begun to reach the end of the 100 Days of Scouting for this year...and my adrenalin is going!

Today I:
  • Decided to attend the Commissioner's meeting for our district.  Whether or not it is in my future, I want to learn more about it.
  • Helped a fellow Scouter out who is looking for more staff volunteers for our council's Family Camp this Fall.  I reposted to my Facebook friends and Scouts, as well as our district's Facebook page.  Oh, and my Life wants to do it, too.
  • My Life is working at the Fun with Sun Cub campout this weekend, so confirmed the details about getting him up there on Friday night.  My Wolf and I will be attending as a father-and-son team.
  • Sent reminder notices out to the pack and troop about the pending registration deadline for summer camp, and any balance of fees due.
  • Spoke to the Scouter who is running the Night Ops camporee in a couple of weeks.  I'm on the hook for getting the word out to local media.

Great day to be a Scouter!  I love finding new experiences for me as well as the Scouts.

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