Sunday, May 1, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 83

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Last day of the 111th Virginia State Knights of Columbus Convention.

I was surprised by two positive mentions of Scouting while I was there...and this morning's session did not disappoint either!  The State Deputy had a strong encouragement for the Knights to consider Scouting units if they didn't sponsor one already.

I know many don't.  So many a few units will step up to the plate now.

Today I:
  • Drove an extra 90 minutes to pick up my Life from his OA Conclave.  I was literally on the off-ramp after a 2 hour drive home and only 4 minutes from the house when he called.
  • Cleared out some Scouting stuff from a section of my shed.
Combined with my last day of the convention, I was not in much of a position to work hard on Scouting today.  Still a good experience, and I have a lead for a couple of ideas to help spread Scouting now, too.

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