Friday, May 13, 2011

2nd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 94

Railroading Merit Badge

Countdown continues on the 2nd 100 Day of Scouting.  Hard to believe it will be over before you know it.

I'm already thinking about next year, and I'm open to any ideas for improvements you might have, so leave me a comment with your thoughts.

We head out for a camping trip today, as our council launches the Fun with Son weekend for Cub Scouts.  Yes, of course that means it is raining, and expected to rain all weekend.

But aren't those the weekends you remember the most?

Today I:
  • Sent in--finally!--the registration for our camporee.  Today is the deadline, so all is well.  Sounds like 700 people attending so far...which is huge for our small, rural council.
  • Updated Cub Scout Resident Camp files and dropped off final payment.
  • Updated Boy Scout Summer Camp files and dropped off final payment.
  • Advised remaining dad that we just need his check to be finished with summer camp expenses...;-)
  • Packed for Fun with Son campout.  My Life is on staff, so we get to go tonight instead of in the morning with the Cub families.
  • Went through Wolf's gear with him to make sure he has what he needs.  By now, he is a seasoned pro and needs very little help from me.  Stuffed animal...check. ;-)
  • Made one more Scout deposit.
I'm busy camping most of the next 10 weekends, how about you?  What did I do on the weekends in the summer before Scouting?  I can't even remember anymore.

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