Monday, February 8, 2010

The Power of 100

Today is the day.

The Boy Scouts of America turns 100 years young.  Millions of Scouts and Scouters each add a piece to the BSA picture.  [A million is 100 X 100 X 100, by the way.]

100 is a powerful number.  100% is everything.  $100 still matters.  100 days is enough time to change lives.

For the next 100 days, 100 Days of Scouting will offer a glimpse of the most significant things I've done for Scouting each day.

Every day.

It might be as small as helping my Tiger out with an elective.  Or as big as assisting my daughter's new Venture Crew get off the ground.

Maybe I'll do something to help publicize Scouting in a positive way.

Whatever it is, it will force me to focus on doing it each day and not letting one day go by without making a difference in the life of a child.

The best part:  I want you to join me!

Either post a comment to show our Scouting world what you have done (it can even be anonymous).  Or generate your own blog post and pop the link into a comment.

At the end of 100 days, we'll be able to see how much our own small efforts matter.

Today is the day we decide to focus on the power of 100.

Let me know what you think:  email or Twitter.


Angela said...

On Sunday, February 7th, our Pack held a Soup-er Bowl Kitchen Fundraiser and raised over $600 which we promply donated to our local food bank. In addition to the money donated to the food bank we donated over 50 tickets for their clients to receive a free meal at our Soup Kitchen. Our Cub Scouts bussed tables, and manned the drink, bread and dessert tables. We served over 120 soup lunches!

Charles Johnstone said...

Today I planned a Flag Ceremony for a local civit organization. SPL said that the troop would like to participate, worked details with the organization's POC.

Scoutsigns said...

Angela, that sounds like a wonderful idea. No doubt that there is an incredible amount of food need right now.

Scoutsigns said...

@Charles--nice to see someone here that I've actually met in real life! Thanks!

Kevin said...

Here's my happy birthday bsa post on my blog.

Bryan said...

Hey Hey! A great idea! I think I'll join along :)

Frank Roth said...

Here, in the suburbs of Washington, DC. We're asking our parents and boys to pay attention to the fire hydrants as they dig themselves our of our second storm in five days.

A little effort to make their neighborhoods a little safer.

Larry said...

Last night our Venturing Officers' Association worked out more details of our rendezvous next month. After an exploratory run, the river trip was deemed too "interesting" for our participants, so we worked through a number of alternatives. We touched on the other activities, noting issues and starting on staffing levels. It's awesome working with these youth on plan "B" and to see this event come together.

Anonymous said...

My two Boyscouts shoveled snow from a neighbors driveway for free and didn't even tell them who did it - all in our of the 100 Anniversary of Scouting. Susie - Wichita, KS

Scoutsigns said...

Really enjoying the comments.

@Frank--I immediately emailed my snowbound Scouts with your suggestion. Thanks!

Laurie said...

This week my Star Lone Scout has helped set up for a church meeting, cleaned out the building trash and shoveled the sidewalks. Do a Good Turn daily has become easy to do, with helping the Elderly at the Laundry and the Library. He helped make lunch for people attending an Emergency Preparedness class. Some things just become good habits!

Anonymous said...

Today we went out and collected food for our Scouting for Food Drive in the Yucca Council located in El Paso, TX.