Wednesday, February 17, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 10

Today I:

Reached a 100 Days of Scouting, and personal, milestone:  10% of the way through this project!  Pretty exciting, and even more so to see the efforts others are putting in, like @bryanspellman and @scoutdude.

Congratulated our newest Eagle Scout!  Go Matt!  Passed last night with flying colors, and only a few days to go until he ages up to Assistant Scoutmaster.

Worked on Scoutsigns blog posts.  I'm trying to spread the 100 Days of Scouting message by putting up links to daily updates in groups of 5.  

Tweaked our council's BSA camp's Twitter list.  Even a little thing like this adds to Scouting.  I have been able to show Camp Rock Enon to more folks via blogging and Twitter.

Is Scouting worth a little something from you every day?  No matter how small, every effort adds to the greater good.  What was your contribution today?  Comment below, or tweet away.


Bryan said...

Congrats to BSA's newest Eagle Scout!

Eagle Class of '88

Kermit the Owl said...

Your Blog is a great idea, reminds you each day to do something for the Scouting Movement. Today I:

-Spoke with my DE about a meeting this past Sunday with a potential Chartered Organization for a new Troop.

-Scanned the out of print Webelos Woods manual into pdf so I don't have to dig for it each year. Reviewed it and the Webelos-Ree materials. E-mailed a copy of it to a couple of Scouters who had been looking for information on this event.

-Filed online tour permit for upcoming pack campout.

-Confirmed numbers for pack campout with our Cubmaster so he can start shopping for food.

-Chaired planning meeting for District's Webelos Woods.

-E-mailed member of Webelos Woods committee info needed to start planning shirt design and order.

-E-mailed invitations for Pack's Blue & Gold to key district and council Scouters.

-Posted this comment :)

ccrumpton said...

Our Bear Den has been working on their Good Manners BL. It's been quite a feat for 8yr old boys to say the least LOL. As Cubmaster, it's great that I touch the lives of all the boys in the Pack, But...I miss having that one-on-one as Den leader so last night I threw together a Good Manners Jeopardy game and played it with them. We had a blast! Now, the other dens want me to come around and play it with them too!