Sunday, February 14, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 7

Today I:

Helped our new crew with their first Unit Money-Earning Application, getting signatures and converting to pdf for email.

Confirmed second adult for troop's backup camping trip next weekend.

Provided advice on snow day policy for Eagle BOR, if it happens.

A day of rest, definitely.  Still, how did YOU move Scouting forward today?  Share your accomplishments, big or small in comments or on Twitter.

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Lorie in SC said...

Great idea, wish that I had thought of it - can you put an "Email" notification share on your blog? I would like to forward email notifications to my Scouting friends (many of whom do not use Twitter, FB, etc)

Scoutsigns said...

@Lorie--If you click on the "Subscribe Posts" button on the top right, it will send to a feed reader (I use Google personally). Or do you mean something else?