Sunday, February 28, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 21

Today I:

Had a conversation with a Scout that many Scoutmasters have never had.  The Scout wants to earn the Hornaday Award.  Much rarer than Eagle Scout.

Answered more questions about summer camp.

Posted "A Scout is Kind".  This is going to be popular--I bet you see it a lot over the next few days.

Post a summary of Days 16-20 at Scoutsigns.

Talked to another Scouter that wants to do a 100 Days of Scouting series on his blog!

Wet, cold and melting here--not a great day to be outside.  But a perfect day to discuss earning a Hornaday Award!  What did you get to do for Scouting?  Comment below!


Adam R. Cox said...

The Hornaday Award is very a noble endaevor. A separate blog upon itself.

How could he turn it into an Eagle project?

Garry K. said...

I was once told "Every Hornaday project is an Eagle project, But not every Eagle project is a Hornaday project." Way to go on that one.