Saturday, February 27, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 20

Today I:

Talked to the sales guy at Lowes.  Found out he was new to the area, had been a Scoutmaster for 15 years, is OA Vigil, has an Eagle Scout for a son and hadn't been in touch with the local council yet.

Emailed my DE about our new resource at Lowes!

Sent emails and made phone calls to my summer camp hold-outs.  Only 1 Cub Scout away from having them all attend Cub Resident Camp this summer!  4 Boy Scouts away from a clean sweep for the troop.  Holding my breath.

Tallied summer camp deposits.

Posted on Scoutsigns:  New Venturing age and grade guidelines

Posted FAQs for new Venturing guidelines on council blog.

Mailed an application for the Knights of Columbus (our charter organization) to our new Eagle Scout, who aged out yesterday.

Realized I could go to our council's Facebook page and BSA camp page and invite my (Scouting) friends to join them--duh.  You are welcome to join, too!

Enjoyed a lot of Scouters on Twitter today!

This was the kind of day I like!  Finding new ways to build Scouting, big and small.  How about you? Are you 20% through the 100 Days challenge yet?  If not, keep at it and you will be!  Comments or tweet--thanks!


Adam R. Cox said...

I figure that if I think hard enough I could do 100 days of scouting. Keep up the good work. I went to an all day training event. Look for a post soon... YIS

Scoutsigns said...

@Adam--I wondered the same thing when I started it. Turns out that simply deciding to do it makes all the difference. You become aware of what you do, the opportunities that present themselves, and once in a while a nagging feeling that the day is getting away from you--and you better think of Scouting!

Good luck, and I'll watch for that post.