Monday, May 17, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 99

Today I:

Helped a Tiger earn another elective: #42

Worked with the council office to confirm our troop, pack and crew commitments for the Scout-A-Rama this weekend.

Swapped email with a new Scout dad about being able to camp with his son this weekend at the Scout-A-Rama.  He wanted to let me know that he thinks that a couple of campouts will help get his son off on the right foot.  OK.

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  100 Days of Scouting becomes 100!  What did you think of it?  Did it help?  Learn anything?  Get any fresh ideas?  Share your thoughts...and wish 100 Days a "Happy 100th!" tomorow!

1 comment:

Scouter Doug said...

It's been great following along your Scouting accomplishments and endeavors. Making 100 is a big deal. It should feel satisfying to know that you've made a contribution, regardless of size, to the future of this country and its youth consistently for 100 days.