Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100 Days of Scouting: Day 66

Today I:

Updated a previous 100 Days of Scouting, to reflect a Scoutmaster Conference successfully had on our campout Saturday.  

Continued my quest for a fairly inexpensive, 15 degree-ish, mummy-style sleeping bag.  I'm a big guy and not having much luck.  (Suggestions in the comments would be terrific!)

Planned out my Webelos Scout meeting.  I have one Webelos Scout left, and he will qualify to join the troop with his Arrow of Light when he turns 10.5 in June.

Wrote my Cub Scout parents about the chance to move our Cub Scout meetings back 30 minutes, and finish 30 minutes sooner.  We'll see if they think it is a good idea!

Wednesday, the busiest Scout day of the week.  I'll be doing my best to be ready for whatever comes tonight!  Comments on that sleeping bag?


Bryan said...

As a "well-rounded" Scoutmaster I picked up the Big Agnes "Whisper Park". I little pricey but if you have a pad already well worth it. Fits me nicely...

Working this year to make it a bit roomier come winter...


Guy said...

I just bought an Alps Mountaineering "wide" sleeping bag (Clearwater 35W). They have a few models of 20 and 0 degree sleeping bags too. Can't beat their "Scout Direct" pricing either.