Sunday, February 12, 2012

3rd 100 Days of Scouting: Day 5

Day 5

Love the jacket on this book.

My wife is ill with pneumonia, and I spent the day quietly reading about Scouting trends and updating my pack and troop on odds and ends while watching over her.

Recommended to our pack that we pull together a more robust camping plan.  Currently we participate in the council-wide events--Family Camp, Cub-Adult Camp, and resident summer camp.  I would like to see us head out monthly during the warmer 8 months of the year, with maybe a cabin camp in the dead of winter.  Which isn't so harsh in Virginia.

Cleared out the backlog of old email I had saved from various Scouting lists.  Great way to come up to speed on the topics most pressing to the Scouting community.

Resent the links I had forwarded to the troop regarding our March campout: Old Scout Campout.  We aren't bringing anything (gear, food, clothing, etc.) that wouldn't have been available to a Scout in 1920.

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